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Find Yourself on Our Trails

With nearly 4,000 acres, over 3 miles of trout stream, and more than 15 miles of trails and roads traversing Graystones Preserve, outdoor activities are limited only by your imagination.

Whether your idea of a good time is an easy walk, a strenuous hike, jogging, cross country skiing or snow shoeing, you’ll find so much to enjoy on the roads and trails.  Wildlife and bird watching are also favorite activities here at the Preserve.

Surrounding Graystones Preserve are over 20,000 wilderness acres of Hickory Run State Park and Lehigh Gorge State Park.  These two parks add over 60 miles of hiking trails to explore.  Hickory Run State Park is off limits to mountain bikes.  However Lehigh Gorge State Park offers over 20 miles of abandoned railroad grade along the picturesque Lehigh River, available to both hikers and bikers.

Deer, turkey, bear, and grouse are not uncommon sights at Graystones Preserve.  You may even catch a glimpse of an elusive bobcat.  Majestic birds of prey and dozens of songbird species also inhabit the Preserve, adding to your outdoor experience.

The State road bordering Graystones Preserve (State Route 534) is part of “Exploring Audubon’s Lehigh.”  It is a portion of the national initiative known as “Audubon’s America,” designed to establish a system of connecting natural areas where John James Audubon lived, traveled, wrote, painted, and observed. 

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