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Discover Our Trout at Graystones Preserve!

Hidden in the Pocono Mountains, nearly undiscovered, is a place of splendid natural beauty and private trout fishing. Graystones Preserve holds out the opportunity to become part of a tradition, ongoing since 1934. Private fishing memberships are open to individuals and families, as well as to business and other groups.

Over many decades, members and their guests have found the beautiful trout stream at Graystones Preserve to be both peaceful and invigorating; a place to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, or quietly relax by the stream.

Business fly fishing gatherings and other group activities have long been held by members at the Preserve. General information about business and group fly fishing events can be found on our Plan an Event page.

If you wish to receive a brochure with current membership pricing, or if you wish to discuss business or group memberships and event possibilities, please email us.

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